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Market Skill-Builder
Financial Markets & Financial Software The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.

Advancing Through Time.

The "Next" Menu.

The Next Menu

The individual Commands, associated Tools and Hot-Keys are shown below together with relevant notes and explanations where appropriate.

Advance 1 Period Command     Advance 1 Period Tool     Spacebar or 0

Advances the program one time-period, during which the program

Advance 5 Periods Command     Advance 5 Periods Tool     Enter key or 5

Same as above except that the program advances to either the next medium-term break-point or until an open trading order is filled, or until an automatic order generated by the program to reduce leverage due to accumulating losses is filled (whichever occurs first).

Screen Update Timing Control     Options Tool     Z

If Every is selected, all charts are updated as each period is computed when the program is advanced using the Advance 5 Periods Command command.

Updating speed is (marginally) increased by selecting At End. This can have the undesirable effect of causing the screen to "flash" as it updates after all computations are complete.

Menu Highlight Toggle     Options Tool     G

Controls chart display updating when "5 or Fill" is selected:

If the option is ON: After executing any command the program activates the Next Menu Menu, and highlights either the Advance 1 Period Command or the Advance 5 Periods Command command, whichever was most recently selected. This enables the trader to continue advancing in increments of either 1 or five periods by hitting Enter and gives easy access to all other Menus and Commands using the left / right arrows (to move between Menus) and up / down arrows (to select individual commands). This is the easiest key-board mode for users not yet fully familiar with the program.

If the option is "OFF" : The menu-bar is not activated by the program after command execution. This allows the user to trigger all the commonly-used commands with a single Hot-Key. Selecting Link to Screen-Shot of the Quick-ref Guide from the Utility Menu Menu displays a full list of all tools and Hot-Keys associated with each menu. Experienced users will find that using the Hot-Keys is the quickest and easiest way to work the program. Alternatively the menus can be activated by pressing the "Alt" key followed by the underlined letter in the desired menu-name, then the underlined letter in the list of commands below the menu-name (or by using the arrow-keys).

Exit Command     (No Tool)    Alt + X

Closes the program and restores the user's previous Excel Display etc. options.

User decides whether to save changes to program options and / or the current trading situation for subsequent resumption.

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Financial Markets & Financial Software. The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.