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Market Skill-Builder
Financial Markets & Financial Software The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.

Internet Software & Services -
Web-Site Construction & Maintenance

This site was designed, constructed and is maintained using the following software (We expect to acquire and use additional packages, eg for mailing-list management) and will post information thereto when selected and implemented. We have no commercial relationship with the software companies mentioned below other than our use of their products:

Arachnophilia Arachnophilia is an amazing "Careware" ($0.00) web-page editor: Tags, Addresses, Text colour-coded for easy editing. Size etc. attributes automatically entered for imported graphics. Click on tools to generate tags. Analyze the site for broken links, missing graphics, unused resources. Click on tool for immediate preview using any browser etc. etc. Philosophical reflections and other free tools available from the the site. Check it out.

Animated Gifs Gif.gIf.giF : Really neat tool for producing animated gifs - used to produce the demos of Market Skill-builder - Select the area, window or object you wish to capture, various other parameters and trigger the animation capture either frame-by-frame or "as it runs". $20 - a bargain.

Paint-Shop Pro Paint-Shop Pro : Used for most other graphic editing, still screen-captures, conversion of graphics created using Excel to gif format. Now includes "Animation-Shop", which will be used in the future. Fantastic value at $99.

Cute FTP Cute FTP Very easy-to-use (drag-and-drop) FTP program, used to transfer files to host computer. $34.95

Pair.com Pair.com Efficient web-hosting on high-speed servers. Prices range from $5 - $29 / month. Excellent service. (But please let me know if you experience slow display / downloading from this site :-) Send Feedback

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Financial Markets & Financial Software. The Skill-Builder for Financial Trading - Financial Training Software.